Weekend Reset

Last weekend we took a little adventure and headed north to Newfane, Vermont to stay in a cabin in the woods called Snow Farm.


It turns out it was aptly named.  We stayed in an original 1940’s log cabin.

cabinMornings were begun with maple syrup

cabin1 and staring out the window and watching the one leaf blowing but still hanging onto the large maple beside the house.


Of course there had to be a tire swingcabin9technology and devices are suddenly not front of mind.


Simplicity reigns

cabin8 and togetherness feels easy with schedules, commutes, sports behind us.

cabin6Staying warm and dry is a just a little bit strategic.

cabin5Board games entertain


as we throw it way back and listen to the Patriots game by radio as there is no TV reception.

cabin7Imagination is really turned on as the kid’s see things like the Eiffel Tower in the frost.  Do you see it?


Simple. Winter. Serenity.

It was a great weekend reset.  Hope yours was restorative too.

First Week Back

Good job, it’s Friday and we’ve almost made it.  First week down in the books.

person-731280_960_720 I’m jumping for joy as just completed a 3 day super strict cleanse, like the one prior to Thanksgiving.  Though living it, is pretty much misery (no coffee, which I LOVE, dairy, meat, sugar-duh, etc.–it’s basically plants and seeds for 3 days)…coming out the other side feels marvelous though.  Clarity and energy beyond.  Why we (being me) poison ourselves with food and drink is a mystery.  Let’s see if I can keep it up.

Congrats all on enduring the first week back at it!

Happy Weekend.


New Year’s Resolutions and Pudding

I haven’t accomplished too much yet this New Year, other than reading Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please.  A light (at times, poignant) and fun read


…My favorite excerpt, I loved the simplicity of talking about getting the pudding (akin to an award in award season contextually.)  There is something about that that speaks to me.


After a busy holiday season entering into a quiet-ish but cold New Year…I’ve had some time to reflect.


I’ve landed upon a few personal resolutions, and for the sake of accountability have decided to share.

1. Write more

2. Make delicious soups

3. Be more ambivalent

4. Be a better listener

5. Ski more

That’s it for now.  Hope it’s been a positive start and that the pudding (whatever that may be) is yours this year!


Christmas in Connecticut Part II

People in Connecticut love Christmas.  They leave their decorations up till Spring Break it seems.  So when in Rome, err Wilton.

It starts with ze curb appeal.

2015xmas9And towing the line between something understated

xmasdecor4yet visible from the street

xmasdecorTreated ourselves to some LED prelit trees, they are really glowy and pretty at night.  I’m excited about these as fully intend to keep using indoors well into the winter months.

2015xmas4As mentioned in the last post, I got a lot of pine roping.  I just love the smell of fresh greens and the drapey effect

2015xmas2Living room mantle houses the mercury collection.

2015xmas7I can rarely resist some faux texidermy

2015xmas11Next up, the dining room–decorated simply with Paperwhites that my mother in law started for us in Nov.  Perfectly blooming and intensely fragrant now.

xmasdecor1Of course we have to have a kresh

xmasdecor5To remind us what the season is truly about for us

xmasdecor6Bedroom mantle, also set a glow.  (my secret these days are those LED votives, they flicker and are safer than real candles)

xmasdecor2A place to display a few of my white Glassybabys to remind us of our days in the Northwest.

xmasdecor7Our final mantel/main hearth is still under construction as the little elves were making their Ginger Village to display there (or what is left of them that they did not eat!) last night.

Working on a few last decking items, including a fun way to display my husband’s  3 large acrylic cartoon displays from the original movie Rudolph.  Check back on that one!

Hoping your season is merry, bright and festive too!


Christmas in Connecticut Part I.

Last year in December we were in the throws of coordinating a cross country move. We moved the 4 days before Christmas to be exact.

I remember posting a picture on Instagram early in the month of December of a book that I saw named, Handcrafted Christmas and made the comment, “our Christmas is going to be the exact opposite of this…”  A friend commented back, “yeah, but next year you will be on fuego.”

Well, she was right…and I think she jinxed me.

We are up to four trees, enough pine roping to line the perimeter of a football field, and I just stamped the last of the 200 handcrafted Christmas cards (I decided to not do digital, pretty much a laborious mistake, but we live and learn right?)

2015xmas17So let’s get to it.

First, four trees you ask?  Well, let me explain the madness.

Tree # 1.  A tradition began in the NYC apartment last year when we couldn’t have a big tree we traditionally decorate at Thanksgiving.

A cute little Charlie Brown tree dug up from the yard and placed in a bucket in the kitchen.

2016xmas16Tree #2 Also cut down from our yard to hold our black lab ornaments, as we seemed to have collected a few through the years.

2015xmas1A spindly little thing

2015xmas12but the dog likes it and cuddles nightly next to the glow.

2015xmas13Tree #3 The “youthful tree” with bright lights and a collection of all those sentimental and colorful memories through the years.

Since it lacked a spire, we got a “discount” which afforded me a DIY opportunity–that was a little crazy, and I definitely wouldn’t do again.

I imagined a sparkly sputnik topper…

2015xmas5So I got a foam floral sphere thing and a bunch of dowels from Michaels-

2015xmas6and had to make a trip back for extra pink glitter paint.  At this point I’m thinking my project is really stupid and time intensive…

2015xmas15But once atop the tree it gave the tree and room the kind of scale that was needed.  Don’t let those “discounts” fool you though.

Tree #4 The “glam tree.”  Glittering and metallic.  Makes me really happy.

2015xmas14Up close-

2015Xmasand from afar.

I fully realize this gives a lot of ammo. for my friends and family to make fun of me.  And you know what, you’re all right.  However, I’ll be laughing when next year it’s a Hawaiian Christmas with no spray paint, or envelopes to lick.

For now, I guess I’m “on fuego” as my friend says.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share mantels, exterior and more.


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