Easter Egg Doors

Peter Rabbit wouldn’t tolerate a boring color on his front door…


Candy colorsED3

as sweet as can be

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb085d76fc970d-800wimaybe even a little tart and sassy


To chase away the drab residual browns of winter


So hop on in!


24 Hours in Newport

One of the best parts of living in New England is the proximity to cool and interesting cities, towns, villages and terrain…as well as fabled historical sites to each other. So when a dear friend living in the Boston area and I discussed a quick and easy meetup/getaway, Newport, Rhode Island was a natural choice.

A pretty easy 2.5 hour drive from my house, and suddenly I am here-

newport13On the shores of the town of Newport established in 1639.

newport18The town is charming and old…


Apparently Newport hosts a rather epic St. Patrick’s Day parade the weekend before which we just missed.

Newport has more colonial homes in use than any other location in the U.S.  There are more than 6o buildings still standing in Newport prior to 1765.


We began our day on the Cliff Walk.

newport5 The Cliff Walk became the first designated National Recreation Trail in New England in 1975.


Views are breathtaking.

newport4Though the temps are brisk, we are encouraged by the daffodils popping open alongside the trail, that warmer air is not far off.

newport1We make our way over to Salve Regina. A lovely campus…

newport6Several of my family members including my beloved Auntie P, have attended college here.  I now see why, and may have to consider for our girls someday.


The mansions and “cottages” as some are called, if you can believe it, are nothing short of splendid and grand.


Some even remind me of where the Munster’s (my kid’s favorite show right now, ha!) may have lived.


May be because they are so old and foreboding.


We want to tour more, but Doris Duke’s mansion was opening a week later and my friend had already seen the famous Breaker’s Mansion (where apparently Vanderbilt descendants still reside and I must return to check out on another visit)  Also, we were sporting some rather unfortunate footwear for this much walking…

So we plan a quick pop in to the Historic Hotel Viking on Bellevue.  Turns out that even though Newport is so old and historic, they still have Uber, thank heavens!


it also turns out bubbles have healing powers for hurting feet.

We head back down towards the harbor in search of some nourishment


We lunch at the Moorings where they take filling it to brim very literally.  Local oysters and some Brut Rose will do quite nicely before checking into our hotel, 41 North.


Understated while luxe at the same.


41 North is ideally located at the water’s edge


for glorious sunsets.

newport10We gussy up for dinner


at Stoneacre Pantry, a delicious farm to table dining experience just down Thames and close to the hotel.

newport23 The next morning is crisp, we walk more, this time with sensible shoes.

We hit a few shops where I score the ultimate consignment store find–a genuine Nantucket Lightship Basket purse with scrimshaw and signed for $48!!!!


Talk about luck of the Irish, and a fitting thing to discover with a friend I met in Nantucket 18 years ago.  It must have been a mistake, but I paid cash and ran!

Then into our cars to head home before the Spring snow hit.

Here’s to weekend adventures and heading into a great new week!


Joy Wall

My most precious belongings are photographs.  When you’ve lived as many places as we have and acquired as many special relationships, you cherish those photos that make everyone feel as though they are right here.

As we are now on the fourth straight day of school snow day/delayed start/early dismissal, I put the extra indoor time into a project I’m terming “Joy Wall.”  It’s basically a gallery wall of some of our most joyous memories, framed.


This project dovetailed well with our current anti-clutter mode. Streamlining all the random and disparate photo frames onto this wall has given me real pleasure.


A dear friend in Seattle blazed this trail, her “Joy Wall” displays their once annual professional photography sessions of their 4 children through the years.  My husband joked he wanted to sneak a George Costanza like photo of himself (you know the one with George posing on the couch?) on their wall and see how long it would take before they figured it out. Ha!

Anyhoo, she tipped me off on what kinds of frames to use. The frames are Ribba from IKEA, they are $3.99 a pop, a great deal and come with mats. Thanks K.D.


The reasonable price is key as I can’t lie, a broke a few experimenting with the arrangement and foolishly hammered while stuff was still hanging (don’t do this.)  My technique is a work in progress.  Probably the best way is to measure before doing any hammering.

Photographs can be some of your best decor.  Clustered in a same frame color, enlarged, black and white, truly they work on any design budget.

Your “Joy Wall” will bring back memories, remind you of those special times and folks and make your home uniquely yours.


White Delight

I live in a red house, which I love, but isn’t there something about an all white house that is just so stunning?

26FAIRJP1-master1050-v3mcnear1 white white1 white2 whitehousewhite5Front-Exterior-edited-572x33643f29e7fb1c8657ab6c65e26ceb894d5download-88imagereaderISz9mlm93xh8kjLooking at these cleanses the palette doesn’t it?  Happy Tuesday.

To Still Leather or Not?

My transition from urbanity to surbaninity (not a word, but I like it better than “suburbanite”) has been a layered one. From less frequent  trips to coffee shops, to fewer sirens heard to additions to and subtractions from the wardrobe.

But I got to thinking about the wardrobe transition and was triggered by a neighbor’s comment:

“When I saw you with those leather pants on, I said to myself, yea I give that a year…”

Well, here I am a year later.  Still sporting the leather.


And really the additions to and subtractions from the wardrobe have been more weather-related.  (Think more flannel, less rubber wellies and more fur trimmed, everything)


Some say there is the age factor.  I have one pair of leather pants that are over a decade and a half old, and if anything have improved with age. Proud to say I can still zip (most of the time)them.


So I say as long as the shoe…or pants or dress fit, then why not?  A few other looks, and sorry for being a terrible selfie taker, those folks with real true fashion blogs have photographers do their snaps.


I actually have worn this for grocery-getting at the Village Market *p.s. these are the original pants from my early 20’s.  I’m grateful they are well-made and the seams are still in tact:)


I have worn this outfit above to work.  And the one below is just for fun.  Full disclosure: since hurting my ankle years back I don’t wear these shoes outside the house, but oh how I love them.  leather7

Soooo, rock your leather on; young or old (it’s just a state of mind anyways! Keith Richards will tell you, he lives in a neighboring town), suburban or urban!

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