Whilst Away

Here’s the thing about new jobs, you have to work, a lot:)  So when the opportunity to get away for a four day holiday weekend rolled around,  it need to be seized.

We headed to Camano Island, one of the beautiful San Juan Islands (and a handy one for us locals to get to as it is only an hour away,  there is a bridge, so no ferry lines, schedules, etc.)

To enjoy nature

And each


To dig our heels in

and enjoy a moment as a family in the sun

and some time to explore with friends in the fog.

While taking in the splendors

of the Northwest.

Photo Credits: Jason Hagens



Whatever did we do before Pinterest?

Whatever did we do before Pinterest? I don’t know, but I’ll tell you what we did today. Oreo turkeys, a la Pinterest of course!

Parents in the Northwest need to have many tricks up their sleeves for rainy weekend activities. So this was a perfect, seasonally-appropriate, “busy” project.

I have to say, buying Oreos reminded me of the recent run on Twinkies (R.I.P. Hostess). I don’t usually buy either one, but nostalgia is fun, let’s face it.  All you need are:

Oreos (I recco. double stuff for the stuffing portion), candy corn, pretzel sticks, rolos, chocolate icing, we used bits of marshmallow and gold perils for the eyes and a tiny piece of red licorice for the gobble.

Turned out to be the perfect use for left over Halloween candy.  The finished project!

Kids enjoyed it, therefore all is well in the universe.

Hope all of your Thanksgiving prep. is fun too, will be in touch again soon!  Peace out.


DIY Starburst Driftwood Mirror

While I had the glue gun out from the previous post/project it seemed like a good time to work on another project that had been on my list since summer; driftwood starburst mirror.

We collected the driftwood this summer from various northwestern beaches.  Actually our labrador chewed many of the sticks we collected, so we pared down the originally planned size.

We procured a round mirror from Michaels  (I would strongly recommend getting a mirror that has the proper hanging hardware already attached to the back, more about that later) and hot glued away.  Easy, right?


Well, like most DIY projects, it doesn’t usually go perfectly to plan the first time.  I mentioned there was no hanger on the back of the mirror I bought, so I rigged up a paper clip with some duct tape and thought I was good to go.  I hung it on the wall, and clearly underestimated the weight, as not even 2 minutes later the whole thing fell to the ground and every piece fell off.

Frustrated and annoyed, though not willing to give up entirely–I threw the pieces of driftwood into long vase for display.  It looked alright, but I was rather determined to redeem the original project and amazingly, the mirror did not shatter (phew, the last thing I need is seven years of bad luck!).  I made a quick trip to the hardware store for adhesive hooks that hold a total of 3 pounds and re-glued the pieces back into place.

What do you think?

I think it’s time for me to retire the glue gun for a while…

DIY Personalized Child’s Gift

Do you ever get uninspired wandering the aisles of the big box stores? Searching for something special for a birthday party or occasion that is personalized, perhaps?  When we found out that our  little friend was having a “rainbow themed” birthday, we couldn’t resist getting crafty.  The idea was to create a rainbow name board made out of rainbow colored candies. So we bought a small hard board from our local art store, raided the candy aisle of the drug store and dusted off the glue gun.

It was really quite simple; we drafted the name in pencil,

picked the appropriate candies and pattern and Voila! The hardest part was to keep my kids from eating the candies.

A sweet gift…

that won’t cause a toothache.  Happy Birthday Hadley!


They say the nesting instinct kicks in right before having a baby (and NO, I’m not pregnant) But before starting a new job??  Yup, I start a new job on Monday.   To think that this time last year–I couldn’t even drive my kids to school.

My to-do list is getting rather insane and for some reason the more domesticated the task and the longer I’ve put it off, the more satisfying–the completion. Think “junk drawer” clean out and you’re on the right rack.

Anyhoo, I feel quite pleased with myself on this latest one.  My bookshelves have been in a state of chaos and design upheaval for far too long.  We’re talking squirreling away old cards and much assorted clutter.

So I decided to Novogratz (yes, B & C I used your name as a verb) them.  Not familiar with the term?  Simply arrange by color for a cohesive aesthetic.

Voila!  It’s amazing how crossing something of your to do list, especially something for yourself, can make you feel, eh?  Happy Humpday!

P.S. I hope to continue blogging given this new career challenge ahead, stick with me as I get my groove back!

P.S.S. Since originally posting I have added these spooky glittery nods (heh, get it?) to Halloween, but who knows they may stay all year.  They definitely amp up the Novogratz look, no?



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