Got Spirit, Yea Yea, Got Spirit!

Got what, what, what, what….remember that high school cheer?

What can I say? (Sea) Hawks Mania has really taken over. I can’t seem to stop. But as today is finally the day, the Superbowl is here…I guess now I will (stop that is).

Not without one last display of spirit.  A DIY’er for you.

Got home last night and for some reason, got out the yarn, and this styrafoam wreath form.  Sometimes the force within me to craft, is just too strong.  Next thing I know, this is happening…

download-94So I just kept wrapping

download-95And wrapping.

download-102And before (too) long, voila.  This happened.  Sure, my husband is actually AT the game now, but does he get to make yarn wreaths?  We all show our team spirit in different ways.










We Are IN! Are You?

I feel like we are finding ourselves in this once in a lifetime (Ok maybe a couple times if you are lucky) moment; Our team, The Seahawks, in our adopted city, Seattle, is in the Superbowl!

12thmanflagspaceneedle-600x413It reminds me of when I was a kid in the 80’s, 1984 to be exact, when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series.  It was the most I’d ever known about a full roster of players on any team, ever.  Fast forward 20+ years, and thousands of miles, this Northwestern city and all the fans, otherwise known as the 12th Man (you know, broken world record for loudest fans in a stadium),

12Man_seattle2-791418are no less than electrified.

download-87Being at the Championship game was pretty surreal, the whole atmosphere is just plain infectious.  Civic pride is at an all-time high.

download-89 download-88download-90This made of Oyster shells, of course!

oystersThe kids are sooo into it.

claraEvery week since the playoffs began has been “Seahawk Friday” at their school–where they usually wear uniforms.

darienAnd oh the things these kids know.  About Marshawn Lynch and his love for Skittles… and Wilson and the Phish song…and the Macklemore (after all, “this is our moment and the ceiling can’t hold us…”)

download-85Signage is found everywhere and the excitement is purely palpable.

download-86I definitely couldn’t resist a fan-icure and will continue the spirit on through Sunday…

download-93and after!  GO SEAHAWKS!



Savannah Day Excursion

A few years ago, actually more than a few (I suppose I am getting to the point in life where “about a few years ago” more accurately represents say, 7-9 years ago…) years, a good friend of mine shared pictures of her future wedding site.  I remember her sharing pictures with me of an idyllic, small, southern, white chapel.

download-78and a quainter than quaint village, called Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina.  I was completely drawn in by the concept and the visuals, however, as I am a firm believer, “what’s meant to be,  will be.” suffice it to say, this union/wedding was not meant to be.  And as quaint as the chapel is–which I can now vouch for, as I actually got there for the first time a few days ago in person, the wedding was not meant to be.  In fact, it never happened.

download-60Details, details, but the chapel and village are a sight to see.  Do not worry, this same friend has now been married to another wonderful person and they have two lovely children together now. (again ,what is meant to be, will  be)

download-79 Anyhoo, I finally got to Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina and it was about time because it’s only about 45 minutes from where my parents now live.

download-74The lay of the land of this place is quite exquisite.  Like, “close your eyes and try to imagine what the quintessential “low country” looks like…and you are there.  Blue herons, egrets and wildlife-a-plenty mix with visitors and residents who occupy these seemingly unspoiled parts of nature.

download-62Porches with ceilings painted of “haight blue” an old southern tradition designed to fend off evil spirits!  Do you believe it?  I do.  Well, it’s pretty anyways.

download-63The ‘Bluff is so abundantly full of salt marshes and unspoiled rivers, you feel as though you are in a story book.  I could have easily stayed a while, but this was a day excursion, so we headed up the road for another adventure to Bluffton, SC.

download-75A cute little town situated on the May River teaming with galleries and charm

download-61and vintage shopping galore.  It was kind of a “pickers” dream, just how much can I stash in my carry-on anyway? Always an interesting challenge to take on.

download-59And again, those churches of the south, ohhh the churches of the south.  If I lived here, I’d practically be non-sectarian so I could try them all!

download-76But for now it’s back to sippin’ tea and squeezing in a few more southern adventures till it’s back to Seattle we all go!

Coastal Christmas

Happy New Year Y’all from Savannah!  Enjoying all the festive low country unique ornamentation and natural beauty all in one.

download-46 download-45 download-44 download-43download-41


download-49download-58Wishing you a new year full of goodness!


Attention All Foodie DIY’ers

Wanted to share a last minute culinary project/hostess gift for the foodies on your list.

My culinarily talented husband (he makes me look good sometimes) whopped up a delicious batch of tomato jam  over the weekend that we have been busy delivering to friends

We found a yummy Recipe for Tomato Jam  on Serious Eats

download-34Then we procured some fresh ricotta from DeLaurentis market, and layered homemade basil (by this time, the house was smelling divine)

download-37into wide ball jars and topped with our jam.

(By the way, the jam is way good enough to be stand on its own.  Serving suggestions include a smear on grilled cheese, on a BLT you name it)

download-38Red & green goodness to be scooped on to crackers, grilled bread, smeared on crudite,

download-39Merry Merry Everyone!






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