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I love designing living spaces. I really believe that walking into a person's home is usually a quick snapshot into their personality and window into their soul. My personal favorite aesthetic is a true mix, high-end/low-end; old/new; patina/gloss; sleek/rustic; you get the picture.

No one captures that dichotomy better than Brent Comber. I came across his work long before we moved to the Pacific Northwest (his work is a true reflection to this region as this artist hails from Vancouver). We were living in Colorado and strolling a Cherry Creek Arts Festival when I fell in love. Oh how I kick myself now that we didn't pick up one of his uber-chic designs back then, as his work seems to be truly on the map now, designing for boutique hotels, sculpture for Prime Ministers, sigh.

Get inspired: Brent Comber

Picture 1

In the meantime I'll be dreaming of someday owning one of these bad boys as a side table or the did you check out the long saddle bench? Love, love, love!

It feels good to do good

I’ve officially been in the “business” of non-profit and professional fundraising for 12 years now. I’ve had the honor and privilege to represent many important causes and assure you it’s very much a vocation in addition to an avocation. I always have a little chuckle when a person asks me what I do in my day job, and when I begin to describe, I usually hear something like “Aww, that’s so nice…” to which I respond, “Aww, thanks…but they do actually pay me, too.”

But the real reason I have chosen to include this section as part of my blog is that #1 philanthropy is a true personal passion and #2 I’m always amazed by how much the public at large is unaware of philanthropic opportunities and would genuinely like to learn more about them.

Again with the theme of a new year, and the general de-cluttering we all try to do during this time of year– it’s time to move stuff out and make room for things that are more important. This can apply to time, resources, “stuff” or however you’d like to interpret it. Next time you need to give a gift, what about giving to your or a friend or family member’s favorite charity in their name? You could give to one’s alma mater, an important health organization, arts group–Hello Haiti?! An organization worth it’s name in salt will make this a cinch to do on their Website. There’s no cost of shipping, you get a tax deduction and they’ll send the person a groovy little acknowledgment of your good deed. Heck, even sometimes they’ll list you in the program or annual report in the “In honor or Memory” section.

Sorry Sausage of the Month club.

Quick Links:

Haiti Relief

Donating is easy; in the Red Cross’ case, phone users can text the word “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10,” and when prompted, hit “YES” to confirm the donation. The donation is added to the cell user’s bill, and receipts are available.


To support a University like The Ohio State University (Totally selected at random, ha!)

Give to OSU

Voluntarty Health Orgs.

Support Susan G. Komen

“Foodies” Love Pizza

Do you ever wonder how many people out there consider themselves “foodies”? Or do you ever wonder who came up with that annoyingly stupid term, “foodies”? Well, until a new phrase is coined, I guess I would have to admit that we fall into this category. I’ve been way interested in food my whole adult life–and this minor obsession has really amped up upon meeting my husband and the ten plus years we have been eating together.Having met each other in Chicago we honed in on the culinary category of pizza from the start.

Since then, we have slowly migrated westward ending in Seattle and eating pizza all along the way. While expanding our palettes and horizons one bite at a time, I am always amazed at the concept of the simplest things being the best. This certainly reigns true for one of our favorite new discoveries–a delish little local spot called Delancey.

This pizza is sophistocated and simple at the same time. A bright sauce and amazing local ingredients make this a real standout. Of course atmosphere is important too, when making the investment in a sometimes too-rare date night. Again, simple is good, this place is great. By the way, I know you don’t all live in Seattle, but the owner of this restaurant writes a wonderful food blog, check it out: Orangette

Delancey: 1415 NW 70th Street, Seattle, Washington: 206-838-1960

Photo Wall

Those in my inner circle will tell you, I’m a little Christmas card
obsessed. From the creation of the current year’s design to the ritual
of opening those received in the mail to their creative display. It is
simply one of my favorite aspects of the holiday season. Living so far
away from our beloved family and friends I just love seeing all those
familiar smiling faces in our home.

Check us out: our ’09 xmas card pic.



photo cred. :Petra Varney

But in the spirit of embracing a New Year and being that it is January 17th and all, I forced myself to take down those last few nods to the season.  As I couldn’t quite resolve to filing them in a dark drawer yet, I found a creative solution. I selected a few of my favorite photos selected from the holiday cards and arranged them in a temporary gallery a la Butch and Harold.

Check them out:
Butch and Harold

Welcome to the greatest innovation in framing for
all of your favorite pics without the hassle of
hanging, hooks and hammers! Simply peel off the
backing, attach your photos and stick on the wall.
With Stickr (frame) you can create a whole gallery of
pics in minutes!

They can be purchased at Land of Nod

Love them and how versatile? I’m thinking wall display for our children’s art might be
next month’s rotation.


Nautical Looks

A new year a new start. So many hopes, dreams, projects and desires for a new year, how to channel them? I keep telling myself we should have #3—being not 100% convinced of this undertaking and that my husband is definitely not convinced of adding another to our clan, for now I bring you Living Well 7. Poof a Blog is born (third baby maybe later 😉

Welcome to my p.o.v. of how to live a life well. Under the construct of 7 areas that I feel passionately about: Fashion, Fun, Food, Family, Friends, Philanthropy (aware not an f, but close enough) and Furnishing. Yes, quite the array I know. But they are all subjects I care a lot about and have something to say about.

My first submission of the year has to do with fashion.

Oh man, when the sparkly and bedazzled clothing from the holiday season becomes passé as we enter into the thick of normal winter doldrums, what’s a girl to do? Thank god for the nautical-inspired look bridging us into the spring season. This year I am loving the sailor strips (example by Anthro.) toughened up with a military jacket (check out the options by Forever 21), gold jewelry to still remain girly and some androgynous looking Converse like shoes like Jack Purcell that JCrew is selling right now that are coming on the scene.

Love this T from Anthropologie

And check out all the fun looks from Forever 21

Until winter sails away, Ahoy!

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