Fine Looking Knockers

I know, I know, tacky title, but I couldn’t resist.

One of my favorite parts of going to Nantucket is the chance to observe the awesome attentiveness to detail in the homes.

So let’s knock around town and see what we find…

Anchors away knocker12

Allergic to scallops, but not this one


Enter if you dare


Sly as a fox


In case you are feeling blue


Daffy Days


Thistle bee the place

knocker1Oh say can you see

knocker5Talk to the hand…

knocker10Not quite a cowardly lion

knocker9Don’t drift, sail

knocker6No one’s lyin’ here

knocker4Eagle eyeknockers14 And don’t be crabby


Hope you enjoyed my Nantucket Knockers.  Happy Monday, enjoy the week!

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