To Still Leather or Not?

My transition from urbanity to surbaninity (not a word, but I like it better than “suburbanite”) has been a layered one. From less frequent  trips to coffee shops, to fewer sirens heard to additions to and subtractions from the wardrobe.

But I got to thinking about the wardrobe transition and was triggered by a neighbor’s comment:

“When I saw you with those leather pants on, I said to myself, yea I give that a year…”

Well, here I am a year later.  Still sporting the leather.


And really the additions to and subtractions from the wardrobe have been more weather-related.  (Think more flannel, less rubber wellies and more fur trimmed, everything)


Some say there is the age factor.  I have one pair of leather pants that are over a decade and a half old, and if anything have improved with age. Proud to say I can still zip (most of the time)them.


So I say as long as the shoe…or pants or dress fit, then why not?  A few other looks, and sorry for being a terrible selfie taker, those folks with real true fashion blogs have photographers do their snaps.


I actually have worn this for grocery-getting at the Village Market *p.s. these are the original pants from my early 20’s.  I’m grateful they are well-made and the seams are still in tact:)


I have worn this outfit above to work.  And the one below is just for fun.  Full disclosure: since hurting my ankle years back I don’t wear these shoes outside the house, but oh how I love them.  leather7

Soooo, rock your leather on; young or old (it’s just a state of mind anyways! Keith Richards will tell you, he lives in a neighboring town), suburban or urban!

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