New Year’s Resolutions and Pudding

I haven’t accomplished too much yet this New Year, other than reading Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please.  A light (at times, poignant) and fun read


…My favorite excerpt, I loved the simplicity of talking about getting the pudding (akin to an award in award season contextually.)  There is something about that that speaks to me.


After a busy holiday season entering into a quiet-ish but cold New Year…I’ve had some time to reflect.


I’ve landed upon a few personal resolutions, and for the sake of accountability have decided to share.

1. Write more

2. Make delicious soups

3. Be more ambivalent

4. Be a better listener

5. Ski more

That’s it for now.  Hope it’s been a positive start and that the pudding (whatever that may be) is yours this year!


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