Bathroom Beautification

Still on the fumes of a health kick, I seem to have an abundance of energy (what are they putting in those smoothies anyway?) for house projects at the moment. That, combined with the fact that I’ve always worked best under pressure. And as you all know, we are hosting a gaggle for Thanksgiving.

All this motivation, added to the fact that the kitchen painting crew was here and there was an opportunity to professionally remove the wall paper–that had been driving me crazy–in the downstairs bath, seemed an opportune time to tackle the project.

I thought for a moment about picking out a new wallpaper as there are so beautiful ones out there.  But ultimately went with paint after removing wallpaper myself scarred me for life.

So let’s get to it.  This is the “before” situation, when we bought the house:

ISt08j6e5veuke0000000000The wooden vanity needed to be updated/replaced, but I wanted to keep a cabinet, as opposed to a pedestal, for storage etc.

bathre4We had leftover paint from the kitchen island and decided to keep it/paint it.

bathre3This is the moment, despite how much energy one has, where you start to question the DIY factor…

bathreBut after a weekend of persevering (and a slight amount of swearing, bathrooms are a pain to paint because there are a lot little things to work around) it looks like this now.

We swapped out the old rustic rectangular mirror for a round one we already had and were using as an accent.

bathre1The top of the vanity has several coats of varnish on it, which will help with water for short time, eventually we will get a stone top.

Added a few fun accessories…again the devil is in the details–

bathre5Like hand towels (actually they are french kitchen towels, but I love the colors) and framed a few funky Nantucket art pieces I had.

bathre6And Voila!  Still not totally done as need to work on the lighting and I see a black and white over-sized sketch over the toilet.  But for now…good enough.

Now, maybe I should focus on Thanksgiving???




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