I Said, “A Boom Chick-a Boom!”

I said, “A Boom Chick-a Rocka, Chick-a Rocka, Chick-a Boom!” (any Girl Scouts out there remember this song?)

Sometimes you gotta take it back, WAY back.

I’ll admit when my daughter’s Girl Scout over night “Encampment” weekend was added to the calendar about 6 weeks ago, I had been dreading it, (and honestly, trying to get out of it) I’m bad, I know.

Finally the weekend arrived, we packed up our bug spray, sleeping bags and rubber mats for slumber on a wooden cabin floor and were off.

We arrived to the camp site and I was instantly brought back to my days as a girl scout at Camp Timberlake. Suddenly, the sights, sounds, and smells of girl scout camping come rushing back.

In my head, I hear the chanting of the song,

The bathrooms at Camp Timberlake they say are mighty fine, but when you sit upon them, bugs crawl up your behind…the showers at Camp Timberlake they say are mighty fine, but they look like muddy water and smell like turpentine…”

It’s like no time has gone by.

I realize that in the age of high tech and hurry there are still:

gsmess kits

gs2campfire cooking methods

gs3God’s eyes made out of sticks


gs5skits, giggles & scary campfire stories.

gs6But most of all, the realization that in the age in wanting to give our kids everything, sometimes it’s worth the dirty finger nails and bug bites to slow down and enjoy the simple things together.

**This post is dedicated to our fearless g.s. leader K.S.!  Without whom there would be no mess kits, or walking tacos or tissue paper crafts.  Truly appreciate you help in making this memory.



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