You Know You’re in New England…

Well folks, it’s been two months or so since we’ve moved from the Northwest to Northeast.  Thought it would be a fun time to share some of my findings and observations with you thus far.

We’ve all heard it, March is supposed to be: “in like a lion, out like a lamb.”  I can’t lie, I’m hanging on to that “out like a lamb part.”  Yup, the weather this winter has been quite epic here, so that is definitely a theme so far, but will continue to collect observations to share for future posts.

So here it is, my Top 10 List so far.

“You know you’re in New England When…”

10. Ice dams (gutters freezing) are all your neighbors and town are talking about

blog2Suddenly you start buying products like “roof rakes” and “roof melt” pictured here that are like chalky hockey pucks that you try to “toss onto your roof” as the package says, to melt snow and free the dams (frozen water) in the gutters, but unless you have a pitching arm like Nolan Ryan, I find it doesn’t work–I was frankly glad to not knock out a window. Next!

9. You hear the words “wicked” “Noreaster” “coffee regular” and breakfast sandwiches served “on a roll” a lot.  Usually all strung together as part of the same sentence

DunkinCoffeeSo wicked means “a lot,” Noreaster means “wicked storm,” “coffee regular” means with cream and sugar, and “breakfast on a roll” is what is sounds like. Much like this: “Can you believe we are going to get another wicked Noreaster? And I’ll take a coffee regular with an egg sandwich on a roll.”

8. Christmas wreaths and decor are still up…in March. Connecticut loves Christmas and well into what is supposed to be spring

LS016049In fairness, most of it is outside–think wreaths and garland, is actually pretty charming.

7. “New England Style” = has cranberries in it


and also can mean chowda with cream in it of course.

6. School gets cancelled or delayed a lot

blog3An informal kind of “home schooling” becomes normal. Two hour delay today in fact, otherwise this post would have been up 2 hours ago.

5. Maple syrup/sugaring is a weekend activity

blog1p.s. this winter it’s been too cold for the sap to run.  wow!

4. You spot some people playing Paddle outdoors, when there is snow on the ground


New Englanders are a hearty breed.

3. LL Bean=Winter Couture

tumblr_mk4fr4Fmov1qajhjjo1_500Pedicures are not emphasized this time of year.

2. Folks bring their A-game to prepare for storms

blog4Stocking up on food, water, wood, salt to melt ice, gas for generators, even filling bathtubs with water in the event of losing power are all par for the course.

1. Your home isn’t considered “old” unless it’s Circa 1700’s



and even these seem to be surviving winter(s)!

Stay tuned for my spring edition once we are more at the “out like a lamb” stage.

Have a great week all!



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