Little Moments, are Actually the Big Ones

The kids are on two different school schedules this year, one starts redonk-ulously early.  I’ve never been a morning person, so we fumble in the dark getting the first one ready for the bus.   By the time, the second one’s ready, there are actually moments of found time, before the rattly bus rounds the corner.

So today, we attempt to finish the book we’ve been reading at bedtime for months now.  The classic, Charlotte’s Web, my childhood copy, is in tatters with a duck tape binding.

There are two chapters to go.

I sit next to my little six year old’s wiggly self and read a-loud.  I have to admit as the multi-tasking mother I am, sometimes I do this and while I’m reading, the words come out, but I am thinking of other things.

Then suddenly, as tears stream down her face as we learn of Charlotte’s ultimate demise, I am keenly paying attention.


A lump forms in my throat as I read the words, that Wilbur shares with Charlotte’s baby spiders,

“I think it’s only fair to tell you, that I was devoted to your mother.  I owe my very life to her.  She was brilliant, beautiful and loyal to the end.  I shall always treasure her memory.  To you her daughters, I pledge my friendship forever and ever.”

Tears now stream down my face.  The wiggly body now perfectly still, looks at me for first time as I cry in front of her.

Maybe I am becoming a morning person after all?

So this is for the mothers, daughters and true friends today.  Here’s to those moments, big and small…

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