Life is Precious

Wanted to take a little break today from the superficial and material and remind myself that life is delicate and precious.


We have been receiving texts and phone calls all morning wondering if my husband was on the commuter train that tragically collided with a car yesterday and killed 7 people in the NYC area.  Unbelievably grateful that he was not, and unbelievably sorry for those who were.  After all they were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, and more to someone.  There have been other tragedies too, a Nantucket family friend struck by a car, illness and various other life curve balls.

Reminding myself today of what is important.  The family we are raising, and the ones who raised us, our extended family, our friends who live in other places, many super special friendships that were recently left behind, the new friendships we are forming.  Lest I not forget the abundance of kindness that has been extended our way as we transition into a new life.  I am truly grateful.

So a pause will be put on all that seems so important: the organization and errands, the due dates, the kid’s lessons and play dates and summer camps, and vacation planning and lists and house projects.  It can all wait.  Remember what’s important and that life is fragile.


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