Fashion SCORE!

While most of the people I know were enthralled in the World Cup, I experienced s serious “score” of my own, a “fashion score” that is.

I work on a University campus, so imagine my surprise when I popped into a clothing exchange store, to call it a Consignment shop would be a stretch…so imagine my surprise to see a Hermes dress hanging on the racks!

I simply had to snatch it up.

download-126I can’t even tell you what I purchashed it for, it was too crazy of a steal and may ruin my designer, second-hand karma for life, if I told.

download-128Can you imagine my utter delight to realize it kind of fit perfectly?

download-127What can I say, sometimes in life the fashion Gods are on your side…and also, “SCORE!”  Now, how do you say that in French?

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