Style a Desk 3 Ways

We’ve had an old mahogany desk for years and just recently moved it to a nook in our house, that likes to function in multiple ways, i.e. home office, sitting area, and more

Check out how I styled one desk, same spot for three totally separate  functions and looks.

Sure, a desk can be used to study, etc.  But why not as a self serve bar area?

20140517_131527I simply took away the chair, folded some bright colored kitchen towels into the drawers–

20140517_131414and loaded up on our favorite bar items

20140517_13224720140517_131537a big aluminum tray with leather handles anchors bottles, ice bin, glasses and more

20140517_131510Next a reflective sitting area, focused on things black and white and, well, cool all over.

20140517_16452220140517_135014It’s fun to play with light

20140517_135045and i loved clipping this old black and white of my Nana driving my Mom & Aunt and Uncle around back in the day to this old trophy light that I also love and as you can see made it into all the vingettes

20140517_135425Finally,  of course we use the area/desk in a typical fashion too for homework, art & projects,  bill paying, blog crafting, etc.

20140517_130127One of the keys to making this type of function aesthically pleasing is to keep it simple and focus on a few special things that speak to you, like these sweet pencils

download-43and this white porcelein stallion always looks like a fresh pop of design

download-41download-42There you have it.

Which do you like best?


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