Laguna Beach; Spring Break Part One

When the time comes to sun break, California is always calling.  From Seattle, it is fairly easy to wake up, hop on a plane and soon feel like you are in another (sunny) universe.  Laguna Beach, is a quintessential California beach town, loaded with laid back ease.  From the dramatic ocean side views-

20140329_075457to tangy fish tacos served up at Taco Loco,

Lag-TacoLocoto sun drenched fashions (a.k.a. Coachella garb sold at one of my favorite local boutiques, Lala), it fits the bill.


20140401_161345This trip we enjoyed a special treat, staying at the Montage.

20140329_075832A super lovely seaside retreat, where the pool sucks you in,

20140329_112407to cannon ball as one pleases.

20140329_124843The enjoyment level borders on guilty as the friendly staff such as the “Nicks” pictured here, who happily

20140329_124909wait upon guests hand and foot.  Here a “stressful day” ends around the fireside, making s’mores, telling stories, or in our case, singing Frozen songs…

20140329_213319And as much as this resort and town do not need to be left, Disneyland is just down the street…

20140330_182826so may as well get a trip in while the kids are still in the zone to have it rock their worlds.

The next day we refuel ourselves back in the quaint town of Laguna at Orange Inn, where I try to abide

20140331_101737by self-imposed California rules to eat as many foods as possible that are wrapped in tortillas and accompanied by avocados.  Following sustenance, a visit to Crystal Cove State Park, otherwise known as a k.a. beach to explore tidal pools and take in that salty ocean air.

20140331_111333A final trip into town to check a few last local shops.

20140331_092901Surf culture reigns supreme-20140331_092912and we find ourselves completely stoked by the wares and more at Thalia Surf Shop.

20140331_094551Vans become cool, yet practical souvenirs to take/wear home. But we have Seattle kids, who also wanted to “pop some tags,” soooo,

download-6we couldn’t leave town without hitting this vintage Thrift Shop.  What can we say, we wanted to make Macklemore proud, so we picked up a nice raspberry colored Lacoste shirt for $5 bucks and used lots of restraint in considering weight requirements in checking bags for the eventual trip home.

20140329_075357And thus ends the trip to the beach.  Next stop…the desert.

Come back soon for Part 2; Palm Springs.

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