Branching Out

Doesn’t spring practically force the concept of “branching out” upon us? I’ve taken it quite literally,

download-8as you can see.  And the wilder the better, (these are on week #2, bonus!) if you ask me.

download-7Cherry blossoms, forsythia, pussy willow, apple blossom, curly willow, you name it.–there are so many options and branches that are fun and simple to decorate with.

download-10What a great way to bring the outdoors in-

download-9and then back out again, if you so desire.

Check out some of these other cool ways to incorporate branches into your decor; discovered on Pinterest.  From spray painted, to utensil rack, to d.i.y. antler project, the sky is the limit.


1172b4ee94cc0a49268836e3e15829aa4b1e-149d646b14f5db36fe6e85cb0176d21b7Off to go branch out in all kinds of ways…and I hope you are too.  Happy Monday.




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