Top 10 Things I Learned in Hawaii

We just got back from Hawaii a few weeks ago.  Thought I’d share some of the things I learned. So let’s kick this old school, Letterman style, aka backwards countdown.

#10 Coconuts don’t fit in cup holders

download-2but they sure are tasty,

20131006_151936and is there anything cuter than a road side coconut stand?


#9 When you go snorkeling, don’t wear mascara


Nuf said.  Wow, did that sting.

#8 Maui style potato chips could/should be a food group


Yup, they were eaten about a 3 times a day.  Ohh that salty double cooked crunch gets me every time!  At least wine has fewer calories (125 or so) than Mai Tais (250 or so)

#7 Spam (yick)–does not refer to unwanted emails


#6 There’s a reason the Hawaiian license plates look like this.  You are likely to see one (or 5) of these, rainbows that is.


Especially if you’re staying in Kapalua where the weather can breeze in n’ out quickly and often ends in a rainbow.  Perhaps there are lots of leprachauns, or just lucky people running around?


#5 Bathing suit confidence is key.  This is the crew on a chartered sail boat, wearing really skimpy bathing suits.

download-3you should have seen the rear view…  This phenomenon is not just on boats by the way.  Many a folk walking down the street in their ‘suits as clothes.  #confidence!  I was pretty happy wearing my cover-up however.

#4 The natives are friendly

download-5well, maybe not all the natives–

download-6I so would not like to get tangled into this native’s web, that I discovered on a morning walk.

#3 Surfers are cool and insanely fit


let’s face it, the whole sport is, well, the ultimate…


but it is really, and I mean really hard to surf.


We tried.  The paddling alone can rapidly make you feel like you want to keel over and die after a while, if you’re not in top form.  I did manage to get up on a few waves but was so not Blue Crush, despite the effort.

#2 Shaved Ice is not just for kids


And with all the local sugar plantations, this is really just supporting the” farm to table” concept, right?

And the #1 top thing I learned in Hawaii:  Palm trees never really get old and they certainly can’t be found in Seattle.

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