Oh Ralph…

I am forever devoted to my husband, but let’s face it.  We all have celebrity crushes here and there, and one of my MAJOR fashion/design crushes is none other than the iconic Ralph Lauren.

f834b5b4bf9c71d27154fd601ca871a8Actually, the term “American Icon” does him a terrible understatement, don’t you think? Anyhoo, there is just something about fall & leather, & denim, & velvet & plaid & fur and the all over warm fuzzies that completely envelope me into Ralph’s aesthetic.  It’s his...everything, basically.

Whenever life gets to complicated I take a vacation or better yet, extended stay into the visual dreamland he has created.  Shall we?

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b88fab92f359650c4794fb7824c2cbc8 45120430b9ec524b40fed800efb0889eralph-and-ricky-lauren

Happy Fall…and sweet cozy dreams

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