Secret Garden Situation

Shhhh!  Be ver-wey ve-wey quiet…Nantucket is home to many secret gardens, but if you walk too loudly by them, you may not see.  So let me ver-wey quietly show you.


You see, secret gardens are some of the best kind.  Cared for lovingly by skilled gardeners and happy home owners.

20130725_085817Eye candy for passersby.

20130725_085824they are the jewels of this island


Not always fancy, some looking like they have been there forever


Others very manicured

download-31And still others perfectly natural.


Gardens tucked way back

download-30Sweet paths to follow

download-28featuring many shades and textures of green.


An old mossy stone garden wall the kind that only time and weather can work its magic upon.


Leggy blooms such as this that just need a humble white fence to lean upon.


Sweet entrances quietly lure you in.

download-32Hydrangeas a plenty with mops as big as my head.

download-33and such the abundance of my favorite summer-time flower ever, Black Eyed Susans.


Private luxury cultivated by a delightful privet hedge.


Never a shortage of uniqueness.  And remember, walk quietly.

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