Savoring Seattle Summer

Weather-wise this summer in Seattle has frankly been the summer of the century.  And those of you who have been here, know that a good (and let’s be honest, some summers they are rare, though this summer deliciously abundant) day in Seattle is hard to beat.

20130810_144243Literally, we are trying to drink it all in.  We spent the whole weekend at the water’s edge (we kind a had to distract ourselves as our other daughter is on the East Coast and we were really missing her).  A quick overnight super-treat to The Four Seasons.

20130810_141741Followed by an easy and fun day trip to Bainbridge Island.  If you have not yet been, treat yourself!  They have a delightful Saturday Farmer’s Market, fun state park Faye Bainbridge, charming town filled with restaurants and unique shops and more…

20130809_104141But our trip this time was truly inspired by a chance to check out my friend Kim’s new seaside paradise on her birthday.

20130809_164254to say I was green with envy is an understatement more like blue with envy as this is literally her view from the back “yard”  Oh yes, that is a cruise ship in the background headed up to Alaska.

20130809_161414 20130809_162135 20130809_16232820130809_16150320130809_16151320130809_165856They have “peaced out” on city living… who can blame them?  Their view from the secret garden entrance20130809_162444And if you can believe it keeps going, the view from the front of the house, as you can see it was very low tide.

20130809_162531All good things must come to an end.

20130809_203633So we suffered through this sunset on our cruise back to Seattle.


May I mentally refer to this summer light once the days get shorter and darker.


Happy Monday!

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