Post Del Mar

Dealing with post-vacation malaise, actually I feel rather like this seal I shot (and by “shot” I mean took a photograph of, as it looks a little lifeless, doesn’t it? I assure you it was just fine though, they were all taking a siesta in this manner) in La Jolla…


I can hardly string words together in an articulate fashion. So if you don’t mind, today’s post will assemble a few visual moments designed to transport to that place of “holiday relaxation”

20130706_13045720130706_145303download-1520130703_20245620130705_184830 20130706_130246 20130707_11113220130707_110308

and the next post will provide some meat to the bones (descriptors on local vibe, food, scene, design, etc.), if you will, following our recent trip to Del Mar, Cali.  In the meantime, I’ll work on my severe case of PDM (Post Del Mar) Syndrome.

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