Lock It Up!

Last night while co-hosting Brownies at a friend’s house. I couldn’t believe how utterly clutterly (wow, fun rhyme) free their home was. Momentarily jealous, I came back to reality and regained the self awareness that would never really reflect our lifestyle. For now, we are fast and furious, and well I guess full of clutter, thank goodness I’ve discovered lockers!

DSC_0353Our vintage pair procured from one of my favorite local shops, GuestHouse, is Choc full of backpacks and helmets and all kinds of other gear.  As far as clutter control, I suppose ‘where there is a will there is a way!’  Even if your “way” isn’t ultra streamlined…check out these other cool designs from fellow stashers!DSC_0007_2fb207db4e0f38f2fcda1525662f5f5d5f30b1e4438d3da35628760ded0355100b471967d5321dcfcc0a65920b3121a05a493aa2471b2df73d8e5a432c460222a5d96204d349caae038ae2b0e7f6623caHope for the hoarders!  Just kidding, Happy Humpday!

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