Low Country Love

The experience of being in the low country is so distinct. There almost aren’t words, but I will try. Thank goodness there are photos and hopefully these will help to tell a bit of the story.


The natural light is like one big mirror, (when the sky is blue, so is the water) and the colors–from the salt marshes,


to the greens, are subdued.

DSC_0589Nothing should be taken too seriously

DSC_0538and the tempo is typically slow, as life in the fast lane does not exist here.


The native wildlife is unique (that is a wild boar in the grass, naturally)

DSC_0586even they don’t look like they are going anywhere too fast, though I wouldn’t exactly want to cross them.


Local flavor is meant to be savored

download-32and the  hospitality is nearly un-matched (super secret cheese toast recipe I’m sworn to not publicly share, but lick smackin’ scrumptious, for sure!)

DSC_0532as the goal is to welcome.

DSC_0536No hard edges here,


more like soft sweeps


and it just feels as though time stands still.


*stay tuned for more on Savannah’s Historic District tomorrow, come back soon y’all (think secret courtyards, crazy charming architecture and more…)




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