Ahoy Mateys

A girl only turns 7 once, so we headed out for the high seas to celebrate…

Ok, more like Lake Union (for non-Seattle-ites: home of the Sleepless in Seattle house boat scenes)

We grabbed a bunch of sailors and a few pirates to join us

Aboard the Fremont Avenue Sunday Ice Cream Cruise

Captain Larry kept a close eye on this one.

The hats are killing me, I can be shameless for a good photo opp.

Even the weather cooperated


Ice cream, friends, a sunny day, who could ask for more?

Our youngest guest checking out the skyline.  And dressed impeccably well for the occasion, I might add.

Before long a spontaneous dance party erupted–Cap’n Larry rocks some good tunes.

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty relieved when everyone was returned safely to solid ground.

Happy Birthday 7th Birthday to our beautiful, loving, sensitive, caring and creative daughter D.!

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