A Whale of a Time

We are leaving Nantucket today. I’m preparing for a several week depression full of Island withdrawl symptoms. But as we prepare for the ferry, plane, trains, automobiles and taxi cab-journey across country…make no mistake, we had a whale of time.

A few of my favorite (but there are soooo many!) photos:

Jetties Gems

LOADED luggage

Chase Face

Mama Moments

Bookend Buds

Giddy Grins

Drivin’ Miss D.

Sun and Sail


Fishin’ Frolic

Fam Fun

Crostada Cookin’

Cool Cousins

Chi-town representing

Porch time

End of day light

Strawberry Sis’

Gatsby Greatness

Sweeney Sistas

I may have to be forcibly removed from this island…a whole year may be too long.

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