Neurotically Nautical

It’s official, the wardrobe switch over has occurred. Exit heavy wools and fabrics, enter light and breezy Spring and Summer wear. This dovetails perfectly with my obsession this time of year–what to wear/pack for our annual trip to Nantucket.

Nautical everything of course.  And I know just the place to go for inspiration….

Big hat and chic bandana tied loosely around the neck

The nautical look is timeless.

Lovely Kate knows this sporting fresh white with a sailor tie

A contrasting image, but feels as though no time has gone by…

Fun look with shorts and chuck taylors and head wrap

Elegance in crisp white

Pop of marigold

Cutie petite sailors

Rock a mini with gold accessories and leopard

And back to loose and comfy.

Even Miss Swift has the hang of it, love the clam diggers

 And of course, Nantucket red is a neccesity

40 some days and counting…

Images found on my Pinterest board The Sea.

Happy Humpday!

P.S. Since posting this, look what has arrived in the mail for me today from Juicy Couture?

Yippity Do Dah!  It’s soooo cute too.  I’ll accessorize it and post soon!

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