Sun Valley Style

Having just now gotten through the post-vacation, “what day is today?” phenomenon, I’m feeling rather accomplished for downloading some pictures.

So let’s talk about Sun Valley style.

This year I was not able to ski as I am still recouping from that darn ankle injury.  So I took to photo documenting and sort of rocked a permanent apres-ski style.  Think good coat, shades, (I rather enjoyed wearing no makeup, only lip gloss while there as I wore sunnies in and outdoors) and boots, that’s basically all you need.

This shot was taken outside Warm Springs during an apres-ski outdoor concert.  Note the retro plastic shades, Sorels, trucker hat (these only work in ski towns, fyi) and retro can of Coors.

Stocking hats that are so uncool, they look cool.

White is the new black as it comes to ski pants and an androgynous bright colored Patagonia puffer is a must.

A cute base layer like this one from Outlyne is a good idea as it’s all about starting out with layers in the chilly morning and then stripping them as things warm up by that famous Sun Valley sunshine doing it’s thing.

Furry and chic boots like these by Big Buddha will keep your tootsies, toasty. P.S. these guys are a deal!

And speaking of fur and deals,  I almost got this mink from the local consignment, The Gold Mine, which really is a gold mine.  I declined only because my family already calls me “The Coat Lady” and I don’t exactly live in a climate conducive for fur, unless you enjoy the wet mink look.  But if I told you the price you would fall off your chair…chairlift.  And we can’t have that, now can we?


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