Be Original

Isn’t originality such a difficult concept right now? After all, our world is full of so much “copy and paste,” “pinning and re-pinning,” posting and sometimes re-packaging others ideas as your own. I’m sure I’m guilty of having done versions of that stuff here and there too.  No one wants to recreate the wheel, why should they as suddenly we all have access to so much at fingertips.

But we all know,  that it’s so much easier to critique than to create or far easier to improve up than to actually invent.

Some days it feels like a true challenge to have an original thought in one’s head. As much as I love to be connected via all these technological “communities” and am a believer in sharing and collaborating–for the immediate moment, there’s so much noise that I can’t hear myself think.

So, I’m going to try to focus on inventiveness and creation and originality. And trying to see the forest through the trees or through the geraniums…

Wish me luck!

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