Ribbongate; Deck the Doors 9×9 Feature for Daily Buzz Moms

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live” -Flora Whitman

Wow, heavy huh?  With that inspiration, I decided the door to our humble abode could use a boost in the adornment dept.  Oh and that is our Gate Keeper, don’t mess with us, he’s ferocious.

After weighing the various options, paper, lights, some sort of portal to the North Pole…I ended on ribbon.  I love ribbon.  I may just wrap some of those spools up and give them to myself under the tree.

Anyhoo, step 1.) I selected ribbons of varying widths to create a rift on candy canes.

Step 2) Anchoring them on the various planks.

I’ll be the first to admit that my concepts always seems way more simple in my head, but usually at some point, I have to call in for back-up-support a.k.a. my husband.

I lost the day light which isn’t so bad as this night shot looks pretty cool.

And here it is the next day, Voila! Fini with my wreath back up.  I thought about trying to bend and manipulate my wreath into a capital letter “L” but went with simplicity, after all we are 7 days out and counting.

Fa la la la la….la la la la.  Oh and the 9×9 will be featured on Daily Buzz Moms on December 22nd, so be sure to check out the other 8!

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