Squeal For Teal

Looking for a now/wow colour to punch up the chic factor in a space?  Might I suggest teal?  This particular hue seems to be enjoying a nice renaissance if you ask me.  Check it out:

Image: House Beautiful

That teal glossy paint, those decadent looking velvet chairs!  The teal & green is a recurring theme you’ll notice below too.  Love.

Image: Lonny Mag

The above room is nothing short of handsome.  The wall color is so great as a back drop to make art pop.


Isn’t Anthropologies’s styling the best?

Image: Elle Decor

And this room with the gorgeous paneling, the amazing ottoman, the drapes, the pillows and more…

Image: House Beautiful

Can’t decide what I go insane over the most in this room, the sophisticated and amazingly beautiful closet?  The teal pouf, the rug, the chandelier, the piece of art perfectly angled for inspiration…

Image: House & Home

And finally this last image, teal painted paneling once again, set against primary colors, it just works!

Teal: The Real Deal.


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