Battery Recharging

When asked by six-year-old,

“Mom, why do you need to go on a girls-trip without us?”  (Not said, but implied: and why do you need to stay at a 5 star resort without us???)

I replied,

“Honey, you know when we need to charge up the dust buster so it works again…”  (Not said but implied: and you have no business staying in a 5 star resort)

“Well, Mommies need to get re-charged sometimes too”

The expression on her face was perfectly clear as though the explanation totally got through.  Yessss!  Every once in a while  I totally nail a response to a tough question like this.

So above picture is “Before.”

Picture below:

“During.”  This is me literally sprinting into a flock of seagulls. I mean, why not?

And “After.”

OK, OK, that’s not me, though do wish.  Wouldn’t life be so good?

Photo source: unknown, sorry!

The good news is, that I’m at least half/way charged.  The bad, perhaps I am procrastinating a wee little bit, because I have soooo much info. to form into a “real post” from this trip…   including hilarious travel adventure stories regarding rental cars and more…stay tuned!



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