Chevron Chic

I’ve been into sporting Stripes like white on rice for a good two years or so now.

And I keep wearing it…

And buying it…

And wearing and buying different, but basically the same, variations of it…

I just don’t seem to tire of my friend Stripes.

But I started thinking, what about a little “Chevron” to spice things up a bit, what do you think?

Like this little hot number by Alice & Olivia?

Adore this Lauren Merkin clutch!

Or this awesome navy & white frock by Milly?

Or a cas version like  Ella Moss’, “Calli” dress?

Cutie Juicy Couture top

And a little Chevy touch around the waist perhaps? Found this needlepoint belt buckle on Etsy, you can buy yours here

And you know what else??? Like their cousin Stripes, (yes, I still love you) Chevron, I just like the saying that word…CHEV-RON, also rocks in interiors.  I’ve got my mind set on a few more pieces to feature, like k.a. rugs, pillows, drapes and more, so stay tuned.  Don’t worry, Stripes, I’m not leaving you, just adding to my repertoire.

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