There is a unique Nantucket law requiring all visitors to partake in copious consumption of lobster while vacationing/summering in Nantucket.

And so we did. (don’t I look crazy in this photo?…the lobsters do it to me!)  By the way, my shirt says: “Keep Calm and ACK Nice”

We are law abiding citizens after all.

A lobster boil is the way to go.  We source ours from Bill’s seafood on Hummock Pond Road.

Making friends with the crustaceans before their demise

Getting everything prepped:

  • Potatoes, check.
  • Onions, check.
  • Linguica (portuguese sausage), check.
  • Corn on the cob, check.

Strong men on hand to prep for all



Might just be the PERFECT summer meal.

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