What A Difference A Week Makes

Geez, we left for vacation a week ago. Just a few world events have transpired in that time:

First, the marrying of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a.k.a, William & Kate.  There was so much about this moment that will remain permanently etched into my mind (as well as the rest of the world), but smirks and giggles shared between 2 people in love, whether royal or regular was a truly touching and emotional moment.  Smiling through a kiss, is the absolute sign of happiness in my book.

Photo: ABC News

Ohh and that dress!!!!!!!  McQueen it was…and true perfection at that.  My mother also wore a long sleeve wedding gown, watch this as an upcoming trend in wedding couture.

Almost as much as the nuptials, I was also so inspired by the immense British nationalism in the air.  British flags waving in every possible direction.  It made me pine for a moment like this closer to home,  (the irony, in a sec. below)

Photo: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

And who can stop looking at the recaps and coverage from the crazy hats from the weekend…? Oh Princess Beartice, such an unfortunate choice.

Photo: Hollywood Reporter.com

Transition to a serious moment.  Then to follow this highly anticipated and dramatic event, with the surprise news that so deeply impacts our country: the capture and bringing to justice of Osama Bin Laden.

Photo: Reuters

Watching groups of Americans gathered outside the Pentagon, The White House, at Ground Zero, etc.  chanting “USA USA…”  filled me with so much pride in our great country.

Proud to be an American and may we all sleep a little better tonight.

And finally speaking of how great this country is…it’s true that my family got to escape to a wonderful place filled with warmth and perhaps more importantly, dryness!  I’ll provide more detail on that tomorrow.  It seems a little too fluffy given the context in the world for the moment.  Stay tuned.

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