You Know You’re in Seattle When…

You are jogging across a drawbridge and come across a sign like this:

Naturally, right?  I wonder if they get boat parking, err I mean moorage, too?

You have to pay a guy to come and clean the moss off your roof

I don’t think ours was quite this bad, but apparently this was a “banner” year for moss due to the cold wet conditions these kinds of spores love.  More about that from an article yesterday in the New York Times Here.

Your kid’s class goes on a “salmon release” field trip…

Yup, they cultitvated the eggs in a fish tank, learned about their life cycles (we know all about salmon’s “lunch sacks” and other fun salmon trivia in this house now) and then released them as “fry” I believe, into Issaquah Creek.

You pay $4+ bucks for gas a gallon.

My husband says I’m obsessed with gas prices, and you know, he’s right.  Busted as I am in this weird idiosyncrasy, I seem to be always verbalizing the various stations I see throughout the day and comparing the prices (today $4.15 at the “expensive” station), like it’s such an interesting  topic of conversation.  I could usually tell you down to the penny how much gas will be at the 10 or so stations within a 2 mile radius of our house.

Rare and unusual flowers like these Trillium suddenly sprout up in your yard

People really do drink a lot of coffee here, the sign is a little dark, but reads: “I’d like a Cafe Mocha-Vodka-Xanax Latte to go please”

I’ve had 3 of these today now.

By the way, Seattle has 10 times more coffee stores per 100,000 residents than the United States has overall.


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