Marvelous Mud Rooms

Doesn’t the start of a New Year put your organizational sprockets into over-drive? Oh how, I just want to walk around my house with a big garbage bag and de-clutter and figure out better “systems” for just about everything!

Living in Seattle, a room that I now pine for in my “dream home” someday, is the Mud Room (this one below would be especially appropriate for us, with the black furry friend and all!).


Image: Elle Decor

Yes, I suppose it is because things do tend to get a little muddy this time of year. Or maybe it’s this stage of life, with the back packs (and black labs) and the coats and the multiple sets of wellies seeming to multiply or explode depending upon the day.

Check out some of my dream Mud Room designs, like the one below (doesn’t black and white always just work?), wouldn’t you just die to have a shelf/ledge dedicated to your various “sunnies” (a.k.a. sun glasses), like this below?:

Or a softer white washed look:


Image: Simply Seleta

Or this ultra tailored, gorgeous version, that caters to the Equestrian’s in your home:


Image: Simply Seleta

Oh look, it’s another black furry friend! I’m sensing a theme here. Wish ours would lay down and chill like that!

I suppose it’s something to strive for…some day perhaps we will have a room dedicated to containing the mud and the clutter. Dare to dream, I know! Of course, as I get ready to hit the “publish” button, it is now sunny. My plans for a Mud Room can wait another day.

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