I write a blog and while I really enjoy it…it’s definitely not the only thing I do. I’m not promoting a business, don’t have a specific angle per se, but view blogging as a chance of expression with a voice. I have a full life as well as a full-time job. At times I wonder, should I keep doing this?What is the goal? Does anyone even read it?

I must admit when researching other blogs in the universe frankly,I feel humble. There are so many inspiring and creative blogs out there, there is clearly a “next level”to this. Fortunately, I don’t have too much spare time to put into the practice of blog surfing as one can get so sucked into them all as this could easily fall into the category of shall we say,overwhelming?

While indulging today in some drilling down of what I would consider similar-subject-matter blogs, I found a recurring post. I discovered 10 or so blogs that brought attention to a blog is called Holding Court and it’s creator. It was written by a gal named Marija, this is her photo.


Marija tragically passed away in a car accident just a few days ago. Reading the last post, written by her husband gave me moment for pause. A wife, mother and fabulous young creative type used to “holding court” and having it all.

And in a flash it was all gone. It was so poignant.

It reminded me to have perspective. To be grateful. To live in the moment. To not stress about the small stuff. And to realize the power of a voice, as she clearly touched so many.

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