Tuesdays are for Fashion Shows

Among Seattle’s prime time bragging rights is being home to lovely Nordstrom. Today I was lucky enough to attend a fashion luncheon that Nordstrom hosted for local charity. 30 of us gathered to soak up some fall designer couture (even though summer just seemed to start today, ahhh the irony, but I am so not complaining).Check out the photos by Team Photogenic (password: lunch) Think classic looks and lines, military, perfectly tailored pants, sweaters, jackets, lacy floral dresses and of course, boots.


What an inspiration. There were so many looks that I loved, by such long-standing designers as Emilio Pucci, Burberry (like the black dress above!), Prada and more. But I was most impressed by the notion that fashion really does come full circle, as I proudly wore my Grandmother’s charm bracelet, my prized possession, and felt 100% current yet and classic. So many looks rocked evoked the fashion of 50+ years ago, think Mad Men!

Our parting gift was former Editor at Large for Vogue, Andre Leon Talley’s new book

A.L.T. 365+

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