Salty Sweet

I can officially report back that I survived non-profit event season (oh and helped to raise $915,000 towards the Seattle Art Community at the latest one on Sat….ahhh, smile) and I’m-ma back to bloggin!’

I have to admit some guilty indulgences got me through. Like food obsession du jour, salt and caramel. My fav. are local Seattle company Fran’s Chocolates Gray & smoked salt Caramels. P.S. I learned these are also Barrack Obama’s favorites. Frans

Salted caramel is a new emerging food trend. Trust me, tasting is believing. And if summer is actually happening where you live (we are anxiously awaiting it here in Seattle, sorry sundresses, hope to bring you out soon), you may enjoy some salted caramel ice cream, like that we enjoyed last night from our favorite local artisanal ice creamery, Molly Moons. Hagan Daz produces this flavor as well. How about serving some at your next dinner party with a pretzel and dark spear of chocolate as a garnish in a pretty little dish?
And finally if you’re not necessarily so into caramel, but are a bona fide chocoholic and enjoy your share of chocolate tarts, ganache, etc. Sprinkle a touch of high end fleur de sel on a favorite rich dessert for a fun contrast and little party for your palette.

Salt is the new black…:)

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