Forgive my lack of posting, new jobs will do that to you–considering I’m usually quite the multi-tasker, this is really saying something.

Anyho, Let’s talk about food a moment,shall we? One of the ultra groovy/soon-to-be dangerous,aspects of my new location in downtown Seattle is being walking distance to four Tom Douglas restaurants.


And if you think this is just a Seattle relevant post, you’re wrong as he was the 3rd Tom down on my Bing search, talk about a food Legend!. Last week, I checked out Serious Pie and my my, I love that pie. I noshed on a seasonal salad of mustard greens, pistachio and a delicious cows milk cheese mixed in before devouring a truffle and mushroom pizza (the crust is indescribably good).I can also throw stones practically at The Palace Kitchen, Lola, and Dahlia Lounge. Picking a favorite among these would be like picking a favorite kid…

But I must be mindful of my glutonous food consumption in this season of events and galas afterall, there are gowns to be squozen into.
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