“Cuz we are livin’ in a digital world…”

“Cuz we are livin’ in a digital world and I am digital girl”

Substitute the word digital for material and sing it just like the Material Girl would…you get the picture. Let’s face it, this is becoming more and more true, we are living in a digital world. And while I blogged (now an accepted verb) earlier and called out the use of Evite (though I am sometimes guilty myself) in favor of paper custom printed invitations, there is now a product worthy of your the digital design result, without a bunch of ads. cluttering your screen.


Check out Paperless Post. Upon receiving this notification in your computer’s Inbox, you really feel that you are invited to something special, almost in the manner of receiving a non-bill in your real mailbox at home. You receive a stamped envelope with your name on it, and click through the instructions to virtually open a special envelope, with your custom “printed” invitation on the inside. You have to experience this to imagine, but we’re talking significant upgrade on the digital invitations that currently exist. What I love most about this is that you don’t have to sacrifice design integrity for the ease and convenience of managing your next fab. soiree. Not only environmentally friendly, but easy on the ole budget as well. Yea, everyone wins!

Cheers and go forth without paper!

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