3 three-ingredient hors d’oeuvres

I/we love to entertain. As a matter of fact, I have a cocktail napkin collection, that borders on insane, as I always want to be prepared for impromptu gatherings. The best place to get them by the way, both for variety and price is Tuesday Morning.


Anyways, cocktail hour is one of the most fun hours of the day. While that statement makes me sound like a lush, it's largely due to hors d'oeuvres that typically come along for the ride! So while my husband outshines me in most things culinary, I do make a few mean hors d'oeuvres. I've become pretty well known in my circles for a few of them, so I've decided to share the wealth, as they are SO easy and delicious. No one will know what little time you actually had to put in to make these delicious morsels for them:)

By the way, all credit for these goes to my Mom (this is a test to see if she's reading my blog).

Blue Cheese Balls

  1. 4 oz of blue cheese crumbles
  2. 1/4-1/2 cup butter
  3. 1 tube of refrigerated baking powder biscuits (* brief aside: these bring me back to my Home Ec. days with Ms. Clark. The poor woman had a lisp, and we teased, "My name's Ms. Clark and I like to sew, I like to make things outta biscuit dough…")

Melt cheese and butter in over in pyrex baking dish. Quarter each pre-cut biscuit and roll into balls. line over the melted mixture of cheese and butter. Bake as directed on pkg. or longer to look somewhat browned.

Remove and serve pulled apart on a plate or tray with toothpicks.

Brie Cups


  1. A nice creamy brie with the rind removed
  2. Apricot Jam
  3. Party cups or pre-made mini tartlets, like Sable & Rosenfeld ones that you can buy at Pasta & Co.in Seattle. My absolute favorite are made by a greek company and sold at Cost Plus World Market. The package is blue and they are crispy small shells. I wish I could reference them here, but searched high and low online and cannot locate, sorry!

Fill the cups 3/4 of the way to the top with brie. Add a dollop of apricot jam. Melt in oven, just till warm. Serve and enjoy. Also, you could fill these with a gourmet store bought chicken salad easily too.

Parmesan Party Rye (if you count the mini party ryes, I've gone over the 3 ingredient claim, sorry!)

  1. Mayo
  2. Green Onions
  3. Parmesan cheese

Grate fresh parmesan in a dish, add finely chopped green onions about 1/4 in proportion. Add only a small amount of mayo to moisten. Spread on the party ryes (i know you all know what these are already, but they are found usually by the deli in the grocery) and broil in the oven till they get bubbly.


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