French Vintage

You know that certain somethin’ somethin’ feeling or as the French say, “Je ne sais quoi”, that you can’t quite put your finger on, but immediately know is fabulous? That is the experience of walking into Red Ticking.


A few steps into this wonderful storefront make one feel transported into a chic Parisian boutique. The styling and merchandising make you literally want to gobble items up (of course nothing is actually edible). From sumptuous throws to drape over antique french chairs–to delicate but fresh handcrafted jewelery to bowls of various textural collections like shiny sea shells (say that fast seven times…) and an enorm. break-front over brimming with stacks of french vintage fabric–Wowsas, my decorative imagination goes into overdrive.

Then I have a conversation with the charming owner, Pamela Robinson. As I compliment her upon her most enjoyable feat, we have a discussion about blogging among other things (we joke, both new to it, how much we love it, and that it’s like the new “Post-New-Year January people flocking the gym syndrome”…), Please excuse my overt plea for your support in your readership so it last more than a few months;)

And finally as if I didn’t love the store already enough, she introduces me to my new obsession: 1st Dibs. A vintage and collector’s MECCA…check it out, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is going to be dangerous!

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