Two Lost Souls Swimmin’ In A Fishbowl….

Two Lost Souls Swimmin' In a Fishbowl…

Alright maybe not quite so dramatic, but we were badly in need of some added chi, in the home front to support some feng shui and free flowing elements. So adding a fish bowl and a couple of fish as pets for the kids, seemed like a simple enough idea (two birds with one stone and all).

So off to the local pet store we go, as I'm dreading the design of what I'm imagining current fish tanks to look like these days as they somewhat seemed to go together with 80's style water beds in my mind….And as choosing a habitat with a filter was the only option for giving our best shot to keep these newly acquired pets alive (for reasons too raw to elaborate upon now). Imagine my surprise when I come across the sleek and cool Baby Biorb!


From a design standpoint, I think honestly it adds rather than detracts. And how cute is it that they also sell these baby biorb swap tops in sassy shades, like canary yellow, lime green, baby blue and a sweet shade of pink?

Overall the whole process was pretty painless, despite the fact that the fish cost about .27/each and the whole outfitting of the Biorb was at least a Benjamin, because of course I had to have the $30 coral piece. I'm pretty pysched, for our new day glo friends.

Long live fishies…(status updates upon request)

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